Psychosexual therapy

A sex (or psychosexual) therapist may have a background in medicine, nursing, psychology, or mental health. They have specialist training in the causes and treatment of sexual problems. They will listen and might offer counselling and advice about sexual issues, and can help men find a treatment that is right for them.

Sex therapy normally involves a series of counselling sessions and, if men have a partner, it is good for them to be involved too.

They may refer men and their partners for couples counselling, or other psychological services or treatment – or more sex therapy. Further sex therapy will often involve more discussion of sexual problems and specific activities and ways to work through them. There might be ‘homework’, such as a series of exercises for men and their partners to get more in tune with their senses, ways to communicate more effectively, or experimenting with different ways of being intimate

The therapist will work with men at their own pace to help find solutions that work for them.

Prostate Cancer UK wants all men who experience ED as a result of prostate cancer treatment to have access to a psychosexual clinic offering psychological support to them and their partners.

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