About this site

We believe that every man who is treated for prostate cancer and experiences erectile dysfunction as a result should have a range of treatment and support options available to them.

But we know – because we’ve asked every Clinical Commissioning Group, Health Board, and Health and Social Care Board across the UK – that hundreds of men whose erectile function is affected by their prostate cancer treatment are often not getting the support and treatment they urgently need.

Using this tool, you can find out whether the treatment and support services we think should be available to men with treatment-induced erectile dysfunction (ED) are available in your area or not. All you need to do is enter your postcode.

If your area isn’t offering all that we think it should be, you can quickly and easily take action by sending a template email directly to your local healthcare provider or commissioner, urging them to make sure that men get access to the treatment and services they need.

How we get our data

We submitted Freedom of Information requests to 235 healthcare providers and commissioners across the UK asking if they offered a number of treatments and support services for erection problems, with a focus on the five services shown to be most beneficial in the latest research.

Act now for better care

Get in touch with your health care provider now to ask them for better erectile dysfunction support

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